Integrating Technology in Kindergarten

Creative Educator lesson plans can help your kindergarten students develop a lifelong love of learning.

Students in kindergarten are just learning to take turns, let alone read and write on their own. Use these creative ideas to help them practice essential literacy and numeracy skills.

Depending on your student's abilities, you may also want to explore first-grade lesson plans.


It's ABC, As Easy As 1-2-3!

Students explore initial sounds through the creation of a classroom ABC book.

image of a pattern

Adapt a Pattern Story

Students practice writing and illustrating as they create a page in your class's adaptation of their favorite pattern story.

illustration of river filled with words like observing and sensing

Five Senses Poetry

In this lesson, students write a five senses poem to share information about a favorite place or topic they are exploring.

pastel background with paintstrokes and hearts

My Favorite Relative

Students create a video that names their favorite relative and supports their opinion with reasons and examples.

The 13 Days of Halloween

The 13 Days of Halloween

Students practice counting through the creation of a Halloween counting book.

image of shapes

Seeing Shapes

Students learn about 2-dimensional shapes and create a class book identifying these shapes around their school.

small portion of student-created Mondrian Art

Mondrian Math

Students color a page in the style of Piet Mondrian and then count, describe, and compare the shapes and colors.

image of balloons not yet inflated

Plan a Class Party

Students practice math skills, organization, and teamwork as they work as a class to plan and deliver a class party.

image of ice hotel

Hibernation Hotel

In this lesson, students learn details about a specific animal’s hibernation and design a hotel room with everything the animal needs for a successful hibernation.

Magical Metamorphosis  Butterfly Life Cycle Stories

Magical Metamorphosis

Students explore the life cycle of a butterfly as they write and illustrate stories that show the stages of a butterfly’s metamorphosis.

outline of family with country flags inside

Fashion a Family Flag

In this lesson, students explore symbols in the world around them and create a flag that represents the characteristics and values of their family.

US Symbol Stories

US Symbol Stories

In this lesson, students tell the story of a US symbol from it’s perspective.

Lesson Plan: A Tour of Our Classroom

A Tour of Our Classroom

In this lesson, students apply their knowledge of locations and rules to create a tour of the classroom.

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