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Dr. Victoria Prowse, Dr. David Gill and "The Creativity Premium"

Does creativity increase financial success?


7 Ways to Cultivate Creativity in Your Learning Culture

Develop a learning environment that nurtures creativity

Creative Learning

Create learning environments where creativity thrives!

Explore ideas and follow steps to constructing environments where creativity flourishes.


Five hallmarks of a creative project

Examine how to define a creative project, assess its creativity, and boost your own creative process.

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Creative Instructional Design and Cognitive Complexity

Infusing creativity across all levels of Webb's Depth of Knowledge

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Informational Text Projects That Build Thinking and Creativity

Ideas for helping you move student work from ordinary knowledge to extraordinary thinking

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Purposeful Play in Elementary Math

Ways you can use a play-based approach to deepen math understanding

Two kids playing in a box.

Creative constraints

Use freedom within form to support creativity.

The empty page

The glorious, wonderful, empty page

Blank books are symbols of what each of us is capable of creating, contributing, and sharing.

Splat... Pow... Wow!

Make learning fun with comics and cartoons

The creative application of comics, cartoons, and graphic novels makes learning relevant to students.

Clay animation

Engage students with clay animation

Clay animation requires students to write, design, and organize a project, while analyzing how to apply their knowledge and creativity.

Pattern play

Iconic Pattern Play

Support healthy cognitive development with a combination of physical and computer-based play activities.

Digital Cameras

Unleash the magic of student photography

Encourage students to explore the world around them and communicate their ideas through photography.

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Cultivate your creativity

Seven ideas to help you boost your creative capacity.

Serendipity Design-Thinking Lab

A professional development adventure in artistic literacy and innovation

Illustrated Animations

Creating illustrated animations is easy

Building animations helps students grasp concepts that are difficult to explain using text alone.

Stop motion animation

Create stop-motion animated stories

Engage students with an opportunity to be active and social as they discuss, plan, and execute a project.

Student centered cartoon

Less us, more them!

Raise expectations and standards in our classrooms by granting more responsibility to the learner.


The power of play

Incorporating play into the learning environment can help ensure we are educating children for the 21st century.

Swiss Army Knife

Five essential tools for a creative journey

Five tools for creative educators to inspire more creativity in the 21st century classroom.

More sites to help you find success in your classroom


Share your ideas, imagination, and understanding through writing, art, voice, and video.

Rubric Maker

Create custom rubrics for your classroom.


A curated, copyright-friendly image library that is safe and free for education.


Write, record, and illustrate a sentence.


Interactive digital worksheets for grades K-8 to use in Brightspace or Canvas.

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