Sacré Coeur and the Taj Majal

Build thinking skills with informational text projects

Explore creative ways to integrate informational text into your classroom curriculum for engaging, creative, and thoughtful student projects.

Building early literacy skills

Build early literacy skills with technology

Creatively apply technology to build vocabulary, phonics, phonemic awareness, and comprehension skills.

image of XXX

Informational Text Projects That Build Thinking and Creativity

Ideas for helping you move student work from ordinary knowledge to extraordinary thinking

image of students reading together and thinking of many different objects and ideas

Build and Evaluate Comprehension with Creative Performance Tasks

Six ideas for performance tasks that get students making and creating to demonstrate (and help you evaluate) their comprehension.

Splat... Pow... Wow!

Make learning fun with comics and cartoons

The creative application of comics, cartoons, and graphic novels makes learning relevant to students.

image of six sketched cartoon speech bubbles

Improve Writing Through Comic Design

How the comic format helps students practice and grow writing skills

image filled with comic speech bubbles

Five ideas for creating comics in the classroom

Engage learners in retelling, informing, and raising awareness with comics


Engaging Practice: Making in English Language Arts

Use creative technology tools to engage struggling readers and writers

image of four students sharing ideas in conversation

A Call to Communicate

Make multi-modal writing an essential part of learning

image of ipad taking photo of library shelves

5 reasons to use technology in your reading program

How creative digital tools can engage your learners more deeply in the reading process.

Literature connections

Literature suggestions for student adaptations

A list of books students can use to create the own literature adptations.

Connecting to Literature in Math

Connecting math to literature

Children's books about math that make for great student-published books and projects.

illustration of brightly-colored library

Book Adaptation Ideas for Back to School

Ways you can use great children's literature to turn your readers into writers at the beginning of the schoolyear.

Literacy Connections

Help every student be an author

The motivation to write better and write more grows exponentially with the promise of a published product, so make students authors!

Students as ebook authors.

Students as eBook authors

Creating eBooks makes it easy to share and distribute student writing, motivating them and giving meaning to their work.


Make comprehension work fun with choice boards

Use choice boards to engage students in reading and let them demonstrate their comprehension of a story.

Irony image

Enrich vocabulary instruction with creative tools

Give students a creative platform to develop meaningful relationships with new terms.

6+1 Writing

Support 6+1 trait writing with technology

A fun and motivating way for students to practice and build proficiency with each of the traits in the 6+1 model.

pictures books with pages in a heart

New Possibilities for Picture Books

Combining picture books with maker projects for a powerful way to open up a world of emotions for students of all ages.

origami made from newsprint

Literacy in the Making

Bringing literacy, making and social-emotional skills together to provide multiple ways to express one's understanding of a story.

A strong foundation

Build foundations for independent thinking

Give students an assignment that encourages higher-level thinking and the opportunity for "data dumping" is almost nonexistent.

Carne Asada.

Help reluctant readers enjoy reading

Simple strategies for parents to engage reluctant readers and writers.

Book Cover

Engaging low performing readers in comprehension

A Create a Cover Contest offers low performing readers the opportunity to creatively express their understanding of a required reading.

Writing prompt

Use multimedia to make writing vibrant

Meeting your students where they already are - in the land of MP3s and YouTube - can forever change your classroom.

Student project

Celebrating student writing

Motivate young authors with a meet the author and book signing event.

My Favorite Relative

A digital approach adds meaning to writing for students and families

Writing about their families sparked student excitement and passion... for writing, editing, and sharing.

image of open book in front of winter scene

Winter-themed Book Adaptations

A list of children's books about math that make for great student-created adaptations.

The 21st Century Author Study

The 21st century author study

New technologies can help transform the traditional author study into a student-centered process.

Student project

Student-created grammar tutorials

Creating multimedia grammar tutorials provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge while helping their peers.

Student project

Connecting to text

Help students listen to their inner voice and dig deeper to connect to text.

Student project

Students as readers, authors, and designers

Students in New York create and design a new chapter in a book.

More sites to help you find success in your classroom


Share your ideas, imagination, and understanding through writing, art, voice, and video.

Rubric Maker

Create custom rubrics for your classroom.


A curated, copyright-friendly image library that is safe and free for education.


Write, record, and illustrate a sentence.


Interactive digital worksheets for grades K-8 to use in Brightspace or Canvas.

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